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Measurement Software
Measurement Functions
With simple mouse clicks, one can easily measure anything on the picture with sub-pixel accuracy. Measurement data can be burned in with picture and/or exported to Excel. Intuitive to use and effective to communicate measurement results with others, software is fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista.
XY or point-to-point dimension Radius & Diameter (3 or more points) Angle (intersected or not) Area
Distance between 2 lines (Average, Min, Max) Calibration scale (mm or inch) Path Length Cross Hair (fixed and moveable)
Circle overlay (adjustable) Grid Overlay (adjustable) Rectangle overlay (adjustable) Double lines overlay (adjustable)
Perfect Depth of Focus
Problem: At high magnification, images have high clarity but limited depth of focus. One can not measure distance if not in same depth of focus, nor can take good image.

Solution: Software can blend images from different focus layers to re-create a final image with infinite depth of focus. One can then perform measurement on final image at same accuracy, and save image with perfect depth of focus.

Focus on top Focus in middle Focus at bottom Blend for Perfect Depth of Focus
Photo Stitching
Problem: When viewing at magnification, the images are very detailed but the field of view is small, such that measurement is limited and viewing area is small.

Solution: Software can stitch multiple images together to expand viewing area without loss of resolution. One can also perform measurement on the final stitched image with same accuracy.

Key Features
bulletmeasure X-Y, radius, diameter, line width, angle, area, path length
bulletstore calibration by user for quick repeatable measurement
bulletmeasure in inch or mm
bullet multi focus layers image blending for perfect focus function
bulletauto edge detection on/off
bulletmultiple camera inputs (RGB, S video, NTSC video, or Mega Pixel Digital camera)
bulletannotation, line, box, arrow, with full color, font & size change
bulletoverlay with cross hair, grid, circle, rectangle, or ruler
bulletpixel viewer for image analysis
bulletcompare live image with stored image, image overlapping, blinking, and subtraction
bulletmeasurement data stored with image, stored as ASCII, or data output to Excel spreadsheet
bulletintuitive & easy to use, sub-pixel accuracy
bulletcompatible with Windows XP/Vista
bulletsystem requirement: Pentium4, Windows XP/Vista, 1GB Ram, CD-ROM.
bulletcan be add-on to existing microscope with CCD camera
bulletwork great with Mega Pixel Digital Color Camera and video capture card (VICA)
Actual Screen Captures of Software Measurement

various measurement tools

compare live image with saved image

z-height measurement



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