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BGA Optical Inspection Measurement System
TL-BGA BH-1000
Endoscope design with 90 prism viewer, good depth of field, 1x-300x Cross focus lens design 50x-200x
High clearance for PCB with tall components, heat sinks and connectors High resolution images
Easy to use, robust design, Low Cost Replaceable prism tip
"Smart" all-in-one XYZ sliding stage and board holder included Multi-position tilting boom stand
Connect to computer or LCD Connect to computer or LCD

Compare to other optical BGA inspection methods

Actual Sample images:

cold BGA solder joint

crack at 2nd row inside

crack at 3rd row inside

fine cracks at BGA solder joints

elongated BGA joints

elongated BGA ball joints

lifted BGA ball from pad

deformed joint

detect crack inside row of BGA

failure analysis of BGA

with back lighting, it is easy to inspect solder bridge & short

actually see fine crack at solder pad that no X-ray system can detect

Measure ball diameter, radius, height, pitch, and angle with measurement software

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