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New Digital BGA Scope BH-2000 system for inspection and measurement of BGA and Micro BGA
2.0 mega pixel Digital camera
BH-2000 BGA Inspection Complete System Actual video from inspecting real BGA board  
Adjustable fiber cables for optimal side & back lighting Replaceable BGA prism, no down time Replaceable fiber tips (wide, narrow, finger fiber)
New 2.0 Mega Pixel Digital color camera technology has been the latest advancement in camera technology, now it is part of new BGA scope BH-2000 inspection measurement system. Continue the high resolution image and easy-to-use measurement software features, and latest digital camera, the BGA scope is more affordable than ever.
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Just because you use BGA technology, does not mean you have to sacrifice your inspection criteria with gray scale images and high equipment cost. BH-1000 BGA Scope Inspection and Measurement system delivers non-destructive, high resolution video optical images with ease of use and low equipment cost for inspecting your BGA and Micro BGA (down to 0.002 inch ball size) packages. It has no radiation and requires little or no training at all. The special 90 viewing lens with zoom magnification of 50x-200x and fiber optic lighting can fit in between 1mm (0.040 inch) component gaps to view all rows from front to inner and all the way through. This allows one to easily inspect bridging short, cracks, solder quality, missing balls, as well as measure ball size, pitch, height and diameter. With Digital-Video image workstation, you can simply click to capture, compare, measure, annotate, archive, print, and email images in JPG, BMP and TIF formats, all in networked Pentium/ Windows platform.
Key Benefits
bulletThe best image quality with most details for SMT inspection, measurement & documentation
bullet0 straight down view for inspecting through holes, trace, pad, PCB, QFP, components
bullet90 side view for inspecting BGA, micro-BGA, Flip Chip
bulletInspect down to 0.002" micro BGA (the best system for micro-BGA in the industry)
bullet50x-200 zoom magnification, with detents for easy measurement
bulletRequire only 1mm (0.040") space around BGA components for prism inspection
bulletUser replaceable Prism Tips, low maintenance cost, and no down time
bulletMultiple flex fibers for side light, back light and front light for best image, with replaceable fiber brush tips
bulletMetal Halide light source for super-bright white light for best illumination under BGA
bulletHigh resolution 900k pixel color CCD camera with full spectrum of RGB color for unsurpassed detailed BGA images
bulletUnique 3D rotational viewing to see top and bottom interface of BGA solder joints
bulletSpring-loaded BGA lens to prevent accidental damage
bulletMeasurement and QC Analysis software included for dimensional measurement, image comparison, image library, and data output to Excel
bulletDirect connect to computer for inspection, taking pictures, and measurement
bulletModular, interchangeable, expandable lenses: 3D rotational zoom lens, low magnification Macro view lens, Solder Paste Measurement lens add-on available

BH-1000 BGA Inspection Measurement System Configuration

Model System Configuration
bulletBGA Scope 50x-200x zoom with detents
bullet4 adjustable fiber cables with replaceable brush fiber tips for optimal BGA illumination
bullet5 replaceable BGA prism mirrors
bullet150W halogen light source
bulletMultiple position boom stand with tilting mount
High resolution color CCD video camera with S-video and composite video outputs. Video capture USB 2.0 adapter for live image view and capture on computer
BH-2000-14P High resolution color CCD video camera with S-video and composite video outputs. SONY professional, high resolution 14" Flat Panel LCD screen display
BH-2000-D2x 2.0 Mega Pixel (1600x1200) High Resolution Digital Color USB 2.0 Camera, connecting to your computer
BH-2000-M2x 2.0 Mega Pixel (1600x1200) High Resolution Digital Color USB 2.0 Camera, connecting to your computer
Dimensional Measurement Software with perfect focus function
XY-1515 Manual XY stage 15"x15" area, push stage for BGA scope boom stand
VICA-PC Pentium Windows XP computer with 19" Flat Panel Display. Preinstalled and integrated for digital imaging and measurement applications.
3D-300-45 Additional 3D CX-3000 Zoom Lens, 50x-300x zoom, 3D motorized 360 rotation, 45 oblique angle view, straight view, LED ring illumination.
VZ-40 Low Magnification, Macro View Zoom Lens 1x-40x.
1 BH-1000 : BGA Scope Main Camera Units of ultra-high resolution 900,000 pixel color CCD camera, metal halide super bright light source for BGA illumination, RGB/YC/NTSC outputs. using full video spectrum of RGB for best image quality.
2 MX-BGAZ : BGA zoom lens (50x-200x) for straight down viewing and 90 degree with 3D rotational viewing via BGA prism, integrated dual fiber optic lighting, and interchangeable with other lenses for expansion.
3 SMF-B : Multi-position boom stand with focus and base, to accommodate large boards.
4 VICA-3DP : high resolution video display & capture PCI board for Pentium/Windows computer, for full-motion, real-time direct video viewing and high definition image capture to computer. (customer to provide PC).
5 VMS-1 : video measurement software for dimensional measurement of XY distance, ball pitch, ball height, radius, diameter, area, and angle. Image comparison, image library, capture (jpg, bmp, tif) and email. data output to Excel for SPC & report.


6 MXY-15-15 : XY ball bearing Sliding Stage with lock and tension adjustment for easy handling large circuit board.
7 VICA-PCD : PC integrated for Digital-Video image workstation and measurement, with 15" ultra-sharp Flat Panel Display.


Actual Sample images from BH-1000 BGA Scope system:

cold BGA solder joint

crack at 2nd row inside

crack at 3rd row inside

fine cracks at BGA solder joints

elongated BGA joints

elongated BGA ball joints

lifted BGA ball from pad

deformed joint

detect crack inside row of BGA

failure analysis of BGA

with back lighting, it is easy to inspect solder bridge & short

actually see fine crack at solder pad that no X-ray system can detect

Measure ball diameter, radius, height, pitch, and angle with measurement software

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